Khan - Dark Grey


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Basic shirt, long sleeves. Detail centre front. The detail is inspired by the masculinity of Khan.

Dzjengis Khan ruled over one of the biggest empires that the world has ever known. The key of Dzjengis Khan’s leadership was gathering loyal and talented people around himself. He was extremely respectful to others that were loyal to him. It seemed that Dzjengis Khan didn’t care about wealth. Instead of building his wealth, he shared the goods he obtained from his conquests. He was seen as a magnanimous leader. Dzjengis Khan believed in the importance of art and science.
“I wear the same clothes and eat the same food as cow shepherds and horse shepherds. We bring the same offerings and we share our wealth. I look to a nation as a newborn child and I care about my soldiers as if they were my brothers.” These basics are inspired by Dzjengis Khan. They stand for equality and loyalty.

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