Martijn Gulden

24 Years ago, the Veemarktstraat welcomed a new store. Something new, something hip, something Breda had never seen before. The man behind this store? Martijn Gulden. Better known as Bonk. The stocky, bearded guy with the friendly smile has become an example to many. But that is not the way he sees it. “I really don’t see myself as an example, he says. But, I do think people love a guy that stands for something and isn’t afraid to go all out to achieve his goals. Maybe that’s why I resonate with them.”

For over 6 years, Bonk and his partner fought to get skatepark Pier 15 off the ground. Nowadays, the skatepark is open 6 days a week for skaters and other enthusiasts. “We never stopped trying. Even when you’re experiencing setbacks, you never lose faith. Just keep grinding away and you’ll get there eventually.” Bonks motto? Be different. “Show determination, be vigilant and keep looking for opportunities. Believe in yourself, even when you get knocked on your ass. Just get up and keep going!”

Bonk is hoping to keep the skatepark and his store successful for years to come, inspiring people with his passion along the way. “In the future, I’ll hope to find myself a new partner, he says. Someone who will help out me with the store for the next 25 years.” “Yeah,” he fantasizes, “I’d like that.”

Photo credits: Aimee By Me