The apaches is the collective name for a tribe of Indians out of North-America. The word Apache stands for enemy. They lived on the widespread grass lands in the south.
the Apaches lived for the hunt and almost weren’t affected by other people at all. They were nomads, lived close to nature and had numerous habits to satisfy the gods and spirits.
Their attire was bright of colors, especially on celebrations and were mainly made of animal skins and beads.
The apaches believed in several gods and spirits. These spirits had to be pleased. Every morning with sunrise, the Apaches would dance to celebrate.


Guan Yu was a Chinese general during the eastern Han-dynasty. He was a key figure in the transition between the Han-dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period in China.
The symbol contains the traditional Chinese swords.
In later dynasties, Guan Yu was honored as a true war god.
The novel of The Three Kingdoms describes the deeds of Guan Yu. Guan Yu was declared Godlike in Chapter 77 of the total of 120 chapters.


Djengis Khan rules over one of the biggest empires that the world has ever known.
The key of Dzjengis Khan’s leadership was gathering loyal and talented people around himself. He was extremely respectful to others that were loyal to him.
It seemed that Dzjengis Khan didn’t care about wealth.
Instead of improving his wealth, he shared the goods he obtained with his conquests. He was seen as a magnanimous leader.
Dzjengis Khan believed in the importance of art and science.
“I wear the same clothes and eat the same food as cow shepherds and horse shepherds. We bring the same offerings and we share our wealth. I look to a nation as a newborn child and I care about my soldiers as if they were my brothers.”


Mars is a Roman God. He is the God of war and fertility. The ancient Romans served him.
The Romans believed that Mars was the son of Jupiter, the most important Roman God.
Often, prayers were directed to Mars. When wars were waged, the Romans prayed for victory in battle. Also in times of poor harvests, farmers prayed for better crops.
He had an enormous stature, a voice like thunder and was one of the fastest Gods in the Greek mythology. The armor and weaponry of Mars consisted of his shield, harness, helmet and spear.


Mentoe was a god from the Egyptian antiquity and was pictured in several ways. The original state was a Falcon god. With this state he always wore a ceremonial axe.
Mentoe was honored in the region of the Thebe, Including four temple cities: Medamud, Karnak, Armant and Tod.
Later, Mentoe would be pictured in many other ways, but he will always be the falcon god.


Odis is seen as the most important god in the Nordic Mythology, he is a symbol for devine power and wisdom.
He is also named ‘the Walker’ because he is always on the road, looking for new knowledge amongst other people.
He is the symbol of device power and wisdom. Odin is a warrior in many ways. Especially with words. The art of words was touted highly in the Nordic civilization.
Odin was highly respected by the Vikings.
Odin is recognized by the many crows that were always around.